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Dreams of the Heart Series
Coloring Books with Bible Verses

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Volume I

Dream Upon A Star

"The Creation"

38 pages

Dream Upon a Star is a delightful, heart-warming pictorial rendering of the creation from a child’s point of view.

It contains some of the Bible’s most treasured teachings on creation. The ready-to-color pictures - fanciful and filled with an animated joy and happiness - portray the innocence, joy and purity of youth. 

Your child or inner child will smile with delight when seeing the pictures in this lovely coloring book, eager to understand the scriptural passages, and will want to color the pictures with heart-felt happiness!

A coloring book cover page

Volume II

For the Young at Heart

"The Family"

44 pages

For the Young at Heart discusses the topic of family from a child’s perspective. The coloring pages introduce some of the Bible’s most precious teachings on the family, childhood, love, romance, sweethearts and marriage.

The lighthearted, uplifting pictures infuse the child's soul with a sense of the purity of relationships as they are explained in Scripture. When spending time coloring these images of innocence, your child or inner child will experience a deep sense of simple joy!

A coloring book cover page

Volume III

With Joy Everlasting

"Christ is Born"

36 pages

With Joy Everlasting focuses on one of the greatest stories in the Bible: the birth of Christ. The inspiring coloring pages cover the miraculous events surrounding the birth of the Savior in simple, endearing imagery.

In addition to showing traditional Christmas scenes, this book also introduces episodes from Christ's life and work and touches on the Greatness of God.

Your child or inner child will be inspired by the images to better understand the Bible verses and learn more about the stories behind them - knowing indeed that Christ is born!

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