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Meet Patricia Jean

Patricia Jean is a wife, mother of four, teacher, author and artist who is dedicated to the spiritual growth and well-being of children of all ages.


Perceiving the greatness of God in all of creation has been her lifelong pursuit. It is the driving force behind her artistic creations and books.

Grateful for the gifts and graces she has received in life, she aspires to offer a touch of hope, wisdom, purity and loving joy to children and adults who are likewise pursuing life's special calling. 

Photo of author Patricia Jean
An Artist's Journey
Drawing of girl dancing
Drawing of donkey
Drawing of singing bird

Drawing came early for Patricia Jean. Like many little girls, her artistic expression started with handsome princes, charming princesses, gallant horses and beautiful roses.

She started drawing portraits when she was 8 or 9, producing true-to life realistic, detailed pencil drawings often used as gifts for family and friends. In her teens, she created illustrations for proms, fundraisers and the school newspaper, including one 19' Pink Panther!

Her drawing skills blossomed as she started taking art classes during summer workshops and in college. Drawing, watercolor and oil painting were favorites. She drew pastel portraits for fun and (being a college student) for some extra pocket money. She later studied the fine arts in more depth at a community college and the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.

Many drawings and paintings later, she found herself teaching drawing classes at a variety of schools and summer retreats. At the same time, she worked on more portraits, compositions, and the inspiring illustrations that grace her coloring books today.

We hope you will enjoy the unique, uplifting sense of hope and purity that emanates from Patricia Jean's artwork!

Patricia Jean's Inspiring Life Story

I was born in southern Idaho to a loving, precious 'salt of the earth' type family. My father, the classic renaissance man, was a teacher, principal, and math professor who could play the piano by ear, sing harmonies, draw beautifully, and build, do or fix anything. With his many professional responsibilities and volunteer activities, he still made time to train the local community to build their own church, start the ski patrol, and help everyone.  


My mother was the most loving, peaceful, patient, and long-suffering soul I have ever met. Even with chronic, often crippling arthritis, she made certain there was food on the table for every meal. The house was always clean. I often wondered how she managed all of that! She later worked at the library to help buy extra clothes for all of us. She was the proverbial saint.

A mother with four children

Me as a little girl, bottom left

​My siblings and cousins were my playmates. My older sister helped my mother and was a major support for the family. My brother, whom we all adored, doted on his younger siblings. He served as a primary source of entertainment when we were young, assuming the persona of 'Boy' - our pet tiger - who we fearlessly climbed on. Later he became our 'sheriff', always leading us on the most exciting of adventures. He became my water-skiing partner when we were older yet, and I would ride victoriously on his shoulders, astounding our parents and family!

​My younger sister served as my ‘open the door person’ and constant companion for all explorations. Her strong little hands could squeeze the door handle down just enough to open it when mine could not. Her strength helped us explore the nearby neighborhoods endlessly. She allowed me to take the lead, following me wherever I wanted to go.

​I loved special events and especially our big family reunions. Many relatives would gather together all at once. I loved having some of our cousins close by. I daily pursued one cousin who lived just up the street and saw others whenever possible, including those who lived on a farm. They had horses, as did my grandparents, whose house and farm I adored. I loved to ride horses and freely galloped around the town and farm. I will always remember another special cousin whose parents delivered her high-quality, expensive hand-me-downs to my doorstep each year. She was just one year ahead of me in size - they fit me perfectly! 

Drawing of a boy
Drawing of a baby
Drawing of a girl

Drawings of a boy, baby and girl

My artistic endeavors started early in life. I spent many hours alone as a child drawing pictures. I remember experiencing all of the drawing stages: horses, pretty ladies, handsome princes, and beautiful roses that I meditated upon by the hour via a ‘curtain of roses’ hanging in my bedroom. I began drawing portraits of people, too, aiming to capture their essences on paper - heart, mind and soul. I knew almost from the start that I wanted to inspire people with my art!

In spite of my continuous questions and childhood health challenges, I had a blessed childhood. There was much to be grateful for. I was given most of the basic trust, safety and security children need, which allowed me to later spread my wings. My dedicated family and their devotion and determined faith paid off greatly for myself, my husband and our own family too. Each in his or her own unique way aspires to enjoy life and do good works on this earth too.

A family with four children
A family with three generations

With my husband and children, parents and younger sister

A very special thanks to our youngest son Jon for his exceptional work coloring the book covers for me. Many patient hours were spent receiving very specific instruction. Aiming to please, he certainly did!

I pray that everyone will have a chance to experience beauty and truth, to seek and to search, learn to create happy lives and wonderful families, and have many of their precious dreams come true!

With much Love,

Patricia Jean

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