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Coloring Books for Kids

& the Young at Heart!

Coloring book cover ("Young at Heart")
Coloring book cover ("Dream Upon a Star") Cover
Coloring book cover ("With Joy Everlasting")
A pink heart ornament
A pink squiggly ornament
The Joy of Coloring!
A pink squiggly ornament

For kids, coloring is a great way to develop patience and concentration, fine motor skills and an artistic sense of color and composition.

For adults, coloring is known to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and even improve brain function and sleep.

For kids and adults alike, coloring does even more than that: it infuses the heart and the soul with a simple, inspirational sense of joy.

No matter what your age and your creative abilities, Patricia Jean's unique coloring pages invite you to experience the joy of coloring for yourself!

A pink squiggly ornament
A child coloring a coloring book
A child shows an image she colored

Still Life

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